Three and a half verticals: how power is structured in the LDPR
20 most powerful persons in the 'LPR'
Igor Plotnytskyy
'head of the LPR'
The top official of the self-proclaimed 'Luhansk People's Republic' and 'Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the LPR' at the same time, he appoints the 'head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR' and his 'deputies', 'ministers' and 'heads of other 'departments' of the pseudo-republic. He also heads the local 'ruling party'- separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region', having 31 seats in the 'People's Council of the LPR' out of the 46 current ones. He has got close ties with influential groups of ex-regionals Oleksandr Yefremov, Viktor Tykhonov and Nataliya Korolevska, whose creations out of the functionaries of the former Luhansk centre of the Party of Regions are there along the whole vertical of Plotnytskyy's 'administration'. Recently he has mainly been guided by Vladislav Surkov – assistant of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also connected to the Russian Main Intelligence Office back from the times of his officer service in the Soviet army. He is in a permanent conflict with the local centre of the Russian FSS represented by the 'MCS of the LPR'.
A 53-year-old Plotnytskyy was born in the urban village of Kelmentsi, Chernivtsi region, after his military conscription in the Russian city of Penza he stayed there as a contract soldier, in 1987 he graduated from Penza Higher Artillery Engineering College, but in 1991 he retired as major into reserve and moved to Luhansk. At his new place of residence he started working in different commercial firms, in 1996 he created his private company 'TF Skarabey' dealing with wholesale and retail trade in fuel and lubrication materials and owning one Luhansk fuelling station. According to some data, Plotnytskyy sold this business in 2004 to get employed for a small bribe at Luhansk Regional Inspection for Consumer Rights Protection, where he worked under the patronage of Korolevska till 2012 in spite of the criminal case initiated against him back in 2005 by law-enforcement agencies upon his demanding bribes from private entrepreneurs. At the same time he graduated from the master studies department of the Volodymyr Dal Eastern Ukrainian National University in 2008 in the speciality 'Civil Service'.
The current leader of the 'LPR' was reactived from the first days of 'Russkaya Vesna' (the Russian Spring' in Luhansk. Already in April 2014 Plotnytskyy became the first commander of the battalion of rebels 'Zorya', and in May he headed the 'Ministry of Defense of the LPR', in June-July he participated in several high-profile rows related to Nadiya Savchenko's captivity and embezzlement of the Russian military aid, and in August, after the 'head of the LPR' Valeriy Bolotov resigned, he took his position, at the same time becoming the 'Prime-Minister of the LPR'. In the illegitimate election of the 'head of the republic' in November 2014, according to the fraud data of the 'CEC of the LPR', he got 445 thousand votes of local voters, or 63%. Rather quickly Plotnytskyy established a real dictatorial cleptocratic regime in the occupied raions of Luhansk region, organized a consistent cleansing of the 'LPR' from his competitors from the collaboration environment. Since January to December 2015 he liquidated a number of landmark field commanders of rebels in the territory of ORLO – Oleksandr Byednov (gangster group 'Batman'), Yevhen Ishchenko (representative of the 'Cossack Guard' of Mykola Kozitsyn), Oleksiy Mozhovyy (NZF 'Prizrak') and Pavlo Dryomov ('The Platov First Cossack Regimen').
In 2016 he went on to cleanse the civil subvertical: in March the former 'speaker of the parliament' representing the 'Peace for Luhansk Region' Oleksiy Karyakin was forced to flee from the 'LPR', and after a failed August murder attempt against Plotnytskyy the former 'head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR' Hennadiy Tsypkalov was accused of the 'coup d' etat', and in September 2016 he was found strangled in the cell (according to his colleague Karyakiv, Tsyplakov was strangled, with further suicide simulation). Finally, in January 2017 one more prospective competitor of Plotnytskyy, his predecessor Bolotov, died of a heart attack in his Moscow apartment, after he had drank coffee at a 'business meeting' in one of the Moscow bars.
During his 'chairing' of the quasi-state formation the head of the 'LPR' got many millions by 'pressing' warehouses of businessmen with commodities, through cutting large companies functioning in the territories of ORLO, transportation network and railroad's property for metal, and also established control over the export of coal from legal and illegal mines out of the 'republic' and sales of fuel and lubrication materials of Russian origin within its territory. After 'nationalization' of the network of ATB supermarkets a network of shops 'Narodnyy' was established instead, it belonging to Plotnytskyy's wife, Larysa. It was via those shops that the foodstuffs brought from Russian to Luhansk as humanitarian aid were sold (of all the humanitarian aid ordinary residents get no more than 10 %). The 'head of the DPR' also 'nationalized' hypermarket 'Epicentre' to his advantage, controls the illegal currency exchange market and together with his lover, the 'minister of health care of the LPR', Larysa Ayrapetyan, has arranged sales of the Russian drugs from 'humanitarian convoys' in local drugstores. The latter had to hide from the 'MCS of the LPR' in summer 2016, and in September that same year she unexpectedly died in one of Luhansk hospitals.
Serhiy Ihnatov
'commander-in-chief of the people's militia of the LPR'
That is the official nickname and the real position of the person commanding the limited contingent of troops of the Russian Federation in the territory of the occupied raions of the Ukrainian Luhansk region, united into the so called 'people's militia of the LPR', or the '2nd army corps'. It is subordinated to the 'head of the republic' and the former 'minister of defense of the LPR' Ihor Plotnytskyy only formally (so far the quasi-state formation, unlike the 'DPR', has got no 'Ministry of Defense' of its own) and is accountable in his activity only to the top management of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Using Russian combat officers, sergeants and soldiers as well as representatives of the CIO of the Headquarters of the AF of the RF, he plays the top roles in controlling Russian budget flows allocated by the Kremlin for the development of local army entities constituting the basic and the critical force in ORLO. The chief commanding and staff positions in the 'army of the LPR' are held by regular Russian servicemen, and half of ordinary soldiers are contracted soldiers and mercenaries from Russia.
In February 2015 'the commander-in-chief of the people's militia of the LPR' Serhiy Ihnatov was officially included into the sanction list of those who are banned from entering the EU territory and whose assets are arrested by the EU. In fact, this coined surname and calling 'Tambov' conceals the Russian generals coordinating actions of the 'LPR's army' and providing it with weapons and other means necessary to wage a war. In particular, that is the graduate of the Ryazan Higher Air-Paratroop Commander College, major general of the AF of the RF, 50-year-old Serhiy Kuzovlyov, who took part in the war in Chechnya, and in the so called 'peace contingent' in the area of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. It was Kuzovlyov who shaped in autumn 2014 the effective '2nd army corps' of the Russian army in the form of the 'people's militia of the LPR' out of the amorphous 'army of the south-east' with its autonomous field commanders. In early 2015, when 'Ihnatov-Tambov' was demasked by the SSU, Kuzovlyov was transferred for commanding the 20th general military army with its headquarters in Voronezh, in August 2016 he became the commander of the 58th general military army (with its headquarters in Vladikavkaz), and now he is registered as the head of the headquarters. It is noticeable that motor rifle, tank and artillery brigades of both the 20th and the 58th army were active in the battles in Donbas.
In spring 2015 to replace Kuzovlyov as a real commander of the '2nd AC' there arrived another major general of the AF of the RF Yevhen Nikiforov, who inherited both the surname 'Ihnatov', and the calling 'Tambov', but in some cover documents he is also mentioned as 'Morhun Yevhen Valeriyovych'. This 46-year-old graduate of Kolomenske Higher Artillery Commander College and the Military Academy of the Headquarters of the AF of the RF (he graduated from the latter in 2012, the same as Kuzovlyov) participated in 1995 and 2000 in two 'Chechen' campaigns, as well as in the Russian military aggression in Georgia of 2008. In 2014 Nikiforov was registered as deputy commander of the 58th general military army, in 2016 – as the commander of the 20th general military army, and in 2017 he headed the 58th army again. That is, 'Tambov-2' and 'Tambov-1' were permanently rotating, or 'Ihnatov-Tambov' was just a two-face character.
While Kremlin supervisors managed to find in the 'DPR' among the locals a formal 'minister of defense' Volodymyr Kononov who serves a nice cover for a famous Putin legend 'they are not there', in the neighbouring 'LPR' there for some reason was a problem with a candidate for that role. Therefore, there is not a single photo or video involving the 'commander-in-chief' of the people's militia' Ihnatov there, and there could not be any, while in the public domain of the 'LPR's army' only some minor rebels are shown, and in propaganda and disinforming 'press briefings' and 'meetings with residents' only the 'official representative of the LPR's people's militia' 'lieutenant colonel' Andriy Marochko is present.
This 37-year-old traitor who breached to oath given to the Ukrainian people was an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine prior to the war in Donbas, and he had graduated from the Zoology and Biotechnology Faculty of Luhansk National Agrarian University. In fact, Marochko was the last person more or less known to local collaborators in the 'armed forces of the republic' after the removal and arrest in September 2016 for 'attempted coup d'etat' of the so called 'deputy commander of the people's militia of the LPR' Vitaliy Kyselyov, nickname 'Communist' (he used to be the second secretary of Kamyanobridskyy raion committee of the CPU) and liquidation in February 2017 of the 'head of the headquarters of the people's militia of the LPR', ex-deputy of Kamyanobridskyy raion council from the Party of Regions, Oleh Anashchenko.
Leonid Pasichnyk
'minister of state security of the LPR'
One of the best-known traitor who breached the oath given to the Ukrainian people, out of the former employees of the SSU's office in Luhansk region and permanent head of the actual representative office of the Russian FSS in the occupied territory of Luhansk region since October 2014, which is the 'MCS of the LPR'. The main informal competitor of the local leader Ihor Plotnytskyy, with whom he is in a permanent and serious conflict, primarily in the issue of controlling smuggling flows of coal, fuel and lubrication materials, foodstuffs and drugs. He has safeguarded himself in ardently performing any orders from Lubyanka, which are passed to him by his formal subordinate, 'head of the department of counter-intelligence of the MCS of the LPR' Volodymyr Payo (the latter, in fact, is a top officer of the FSS of the RF and has been placed by the Russian special service near the central Luhansk 'GB guy' as a kind of a 'controller').
Having at his disposal not just 'counter-intelligence' units or 'units protecting constitutional order and anti-terrorist units', but also 'borderguard service', the 47-year-old Pasichnyk copes with the task of his own enrichment rather well. Since he has got the power of controlling the movements of anybody and anything in the ORLO territory, including all the top representatives of the occupation administration, but for Plotnytskyy himself, and in case something is traced – to accuse of the 'contacts with the Kyiv junta' or 'organization of a coup d'etat', due to which fact many top collaborators have already sacrificed not only their warm chairs with further getting 'to the vault', but their lives (the most exemplary instance is a sudden death of the mistress of the 'head of the LPR' and the 'minister of health' Larysa Ayrapetyan in one of the Luhansk hospitals in September 2016). In any emergency one may always organize murder of one's internal enemies by recording the crime as 'actions of the Ukrainian DIGs'. Though, there have also been cases of attempted murder of the 'head of the MCS of the LPR', and the representatives of his nearest surroundings, possibly, to Plotnytskyy's order.
Before the war the current 'minister of state security' worked as the head of the anti-smuggling unit of the main unit 'K' of the SSU's Office in Luhansk region. Most probably, Pasichnyk, as the graduate of Donetsk Higher Military and Political College of Engineering Corps and Signal Troops was conscripted by the FSS long ago, and the campaign with detaining a large smuggling consignment was organized by the Russian special services to cover and promote the agent in the structure of the Luhansk SSU.
Yevhen Manuylov
'minister of finance of the LPR'
On the basis of his 'department' he managed to create a real administrative monster influencing all social and economic processes in the territory of the occupied part of Luhansk region. He controls, as the 'head of the Ministry of Finance of the LPR' not just finance and budget of the pseudo-republic, but also has the 'State Committee for Taxes and Duties of the LPR', the 'State Customs Committee of the LPR', and the 'State Treasury of the LPR' under his subordination.
Collaborator Manuylov is directly subordinated to the economic supervisors of the 'LPR' in the Russian government, in particular, Vice-Prime-Minister Dmitriy Kozak, responsible in Russia for all budget and inter-budget relations, deputy minister for economic development of the RF Sergey Nazarov (also heading the Interdepartmental Commission of the RF for Humanitarian Support of the Victims in the Territories of South-Eastern Raions of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions), deputy minister of finance of the RF Leonid Gornin, etc. He has been in his 'minister of finance' position since it was established in the late 2014, for almost three years he has become considerably richer, in particular, via fraud with exchange rate in payments, when a extortionate exchange rate was introduced in relation to hryvna when Russian ruble started being the main currency of the 'multi-currency financial system of the republic'.
'First deputy' of the 50-year-old Manuylov is direct creation of Ihor Plotnytskyy – former director of the Luhansk Foodstuffs Plant 'Kare' Zinayida Materova who used to be the main financier in the 'administration of the head of the LPR' before being appointed to the 'Ministry of Finance' and now keeps at the same time being the head of Plotnytskyy's Central Inspection Commission of the separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region'. Serhiy Borodin, 'head of the State Committee for Taxes and Duties', subordinated to Manuylov, in 2000 – 2014 worked at the management positions in the Specialized State Inspection for Servicing Large Payers in the City of Luhansk, and the head of the 'State Bank' Dmytro Chaykin before the war was the head of one of the Luhansk divisions of 'Privatbank'.
The 'minister of finance of the LPR' is an official with substantial record since 1991, when he started working in the Leninskyy District Executive Committee of Luhansk, where he gradually reached the position of supervisor in the matters of land plot provision in that central city district. In 2000 – 2001 he held the position of assistant head of Luhansk Regional State Administration Oleksandr Yefremov, from 2001 to 2010 – he was in the administration of the State Treasury Service in Luhansk region, and further on, up till the occupation period, he was deputy head of Leninskyy District Council of Luhansk.
Ihor Kornet
'minister of internal affairs of the LPR'
Manages the units of the so called 'republican police' (not to be mistaken for the 'people's militia of the LPR', which de facto is an army corps of the Russian army in the territory of the occupied raions of Luhansk region), as well as the 'state traffic inspection', performing ordinary functions of 'traffic police', including provision of fake car plates and driving licenses with the symbols of the quasi-state, 'migration service' (in particular, it actively hands out 'LPR's passports') and 'sentence enforcement administration' which includes 10 correctional facilities and 2 correctional centres located in the ORLO's territory. He particularly boasts of the fact that since August 2014, when he became the head of his 'department', he has increased the number of 'law-enforcement agency staff in the LPR' from 219 (2% of the pre-war personnel) up to almost 3 thousands. Still, in reality the absolute majority of those 'newly recruited employees' are rebels (including contract soldiers and mercenaries from Russia) transferred from the 'people's militia' units.
Besides robbery of ordinary citizens and their apartments, particularly when they did not keep to the curfew terms, done massively by the local 'policemen', Kornet, among other things, 'patronizes' local prostitutes and drug trafficking, being in the status of the 'young partner' of the 'head of the MCS of the LPR' Leonid Pasichnyk. The latter in September 2016 cruelly prevented Kornet's attempt to move over to the 'patronage' of his main internal rival Ihor Plotnytskyy, when he imprisoned this 'bold' 'minister' on a temporary basis 'to the vault', and then quickly restored him and started exercising complete control over his activity.
As far as the pre-war past of the 44-year-old 'police major general' Kornet is concerned, there are two versions, According to one of them told by the 'head of the MIA of the LPR' himself, he graduated from Poltava Higher Air-Defense Missile Commanding College (disembodied in 1995) and worked for many years in criminal search unit of the Ukrainian militia. While according to another version, Kornet did not have higher education and really once served in the bodies of the MIA of Ukraine, but as a sergeant of the squadron of the Police Patrol and Checkpoint Service in Zhovtnevyy district department of the city of Luhansk, where he actively robbed traders-pensioners and drunk compatriots. But after he robbed one 'non-ordinary' local resident being drunk, he was fired for abuse of power.
Volodymyr Pashkov
CEO of CJSC 'Vnieshtorgservis'
He heads the company which, under the 'resolution of the Council of Ministers of the LPR' as of February 27, 2017, has got an exclusive right to manage companies and non-resident institutions with temporary administration'. One primarily means companies in ORLO, 'nationalized by the rebels', that were owned by the oligarch Rynat Akhmetov – the mines of coal associations PJSC 'Krasnodonvuhillya', 'STPC 'Rovenkyantratsyt' Ltd. and 'STPC Sverdlovantratsyt' Ltd. that is, unlike the 'DPR, where the company under the guidance of the citizen of Russia Pashkov mainly deals with 'external management' of 'squeezed' metallurgical plants, in the 'LPR' its 'specialization' is coke coal (in Krasnodon) and anthracite (in Rovenky and Sverdlovsk).
CJSC 'Vnieshtorgservis' is registered in the self-proclaimed 'republic' of South Ossetia in the territory of Georgia, and the 'International Settlement Bank'v, via which the budgets of the 'DPR' and the 'LPR' are filled directly by Russia for its government to avoid additional sanctions imposed by the West, also works there. This South Ossetia Bank is the founder of the 'Fund of International Project Support', of which the CEO of CJS 'Vnieshtorgservis', a 56-year-old Pashkov is the president. The latter is guided by the group of old 'KGB servicemen' surrounding Vladimir Putin – the president of the state company 'Rosneft' Igor Sechin and the CEO of state corporation 'Rostekh' Sergey Chemezov (Pashkov's Irkutsk fellow countryman).
Before becoming a 'South Ossetian businessman', Pashkov owned 40% of the shares in the Moscow IT-company 'Expertek', which constantly won tenders for contracts with the branches of the state corporation 'Rosneft' all over Russia. Before that he used to be the first vice-government of Irkutsk region, where he worked under the patronage of the above colonel general and the former CEO of 'Rosoboroneksport' (now included into the 'Rostekh' corporation) Chemezov. Before 1993 Pashkov served in the Russian Navy at atomic submarines, and he retired to the reserve as the IIIrd-rank captain.
Iryna Teytsman
'head of the administration of the LPR's head'
She has been among Ihor Plotnytskyy's closest people since summer 2015 when she started heading his 'administration'. In fact, she monopolized access to the body of the 'head of the LPR', she controls all of his contacts and meetings in the collaborators' environment, has a critical influence on the development of all the information space in some areas of Luhansk region. She is closely related to the remnants of the vertical of the former 'master' of the region Oleksandr Yefremov in ORLO, but for the sake of improving her position in the occupied Luhansk she sometimes resorts to pushing away even the protege of this ex-'regional'.
Thus, a 38-year-old Teytsman has, in fact, already got rid of her two main rivals – Yefremov's godson Rodion Miroshnyk and the former mayor of Krasnyy Luch, who moved to the side of the occupationists, Maryna Filipova. In 2015 Miroshnyk was still playing the major role in Plotnytskyy's environment, promoting his personal PR and being the 'advisor to the head of the LPR' and the head of the executive committee of the separatist organization 'Peace for Luhansk Region'. But due to Teytsman's effort, this former press secretary of Yefremov and Viktor Yanukovych, humanitarian vice-governor of Luhansk region, deputy head of the regional centre of the Party of Regions on ideological matters and just the director of Luhansk State TV and Radio Company was first separated from the head of the 'LPR', and then pushed out of the quasi-republic.
In 2016 a similar fate 'of being forgotten by the leader' occurred to Filipova, who was then the 'deputy head of the administration of the head of the LPR' – the head of the unit of strategic development and state policy in the field of territorial planning'. That means that she had all the local occupation administrations, including Luhansk, in her subordination. Teytsman quickly made her friend Tetyana Yefimenko take the place of Filipova.
As far as the pre-war biography of the current 'head of the administration of the head of the LPR' is concerned, this graduate of Yaroslav Mydryy National Law Academy in 2011 – 2015 worked as a leading legal adviser of the municipal company 'Luhansk Regional 'Pharmacy' controlled by the family of a famous 'Yefremov's guy', head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration during Yanukovych' regime Volodymyr Prystyuk. And before that Teytsman was the head of the department of legal provision of Yefremov's pocket bank – the 'Ukrainian municipal bank'.
Serhiy Kozlov
'head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR'
He was appointed 'the head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR' in December 2015 after Ihor Plotnytskyy completed a successful operation of removing his internal rival Hennadiy Tsypkalov, who was later accused of the 'coup d'etat organization' and was finally found strangled 'in the vault', from the 'prime-minister's position'. He is considered to be a close friend of the 'head of the LPR', with whom, though, he sometimes has certain beyond-the-scene friction relating to division of the Russian financial and material resources in the occupied territory of Luhansk region. Also, Kozlov, the same as Plotnytskyy, is an old agent of the Russian CIO back from the period of his officer service in the Soviet army, hence he is considered to be a possible substitute of his current Luhansk 'gauleiter' by the Kremlin.
A 53-year-old peer of Plotnytskyy, Kozlov, unlike his boss, was born in Luhansk region – in Krasnodon. After graduation from Luhansk Higher Military Aviation College of Navigators he served in the Armed Forces of the USSR and Ukraine, in 1994 he was transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies, where he became the head of Krasnodon District Department of the Ministry of Emergencies, from where in 2006 he retired in the colonel's rank. But in 2009 – 2012 pensioner Kozlov also worked at 'Luhansk Power Association' as the leading engineer.
His reactivation by the 'Russian Spring' took place very rapidly: on May 22, 2014 he was enrolled in Plotnytskyy's battalion 'Zorya', and already on May 27 he became the 'head of the headquarters' of this group of rebels. Since the end of June that same year he got new promotion – he took the position of the 'head of the headquarters' of all the 'people's militia of the LPT', which de facto is the so called '2nd army corps of the Russian occupation army in Donbas. According to certain data, Kozlov, in his rank of the 'major general of the LPR' in 2014 – 2015 holding the positions of the 'head of the headquarters' and the 'first deputy commander of the people's militia of the LPR', had to do with a whole range of robberies of peaceful residents of Luhansk.
Zaur Ismayilov
'prosecutor general of the LPR'
He heads the second largest group of traitors who breached the oath given to the Ukrainian people in the Ukrainian part of Luhansk region under Russia's occupation, after the local 'MCS', which, simulating its own law-enforcement activity, is deeply involved in the current processes of 'spy-mania' in ORLO and permanent 'squeezing' of the property of local businessmen and ordinary citizens, coordinated and sent by the Russian FSS. He has got his stable 'share of proceeds' from such criminal activity, which he shares with his actual patron – the chief 'KGB staffer' of the pseudo-republic Leonid Pasichnyk. He also tries to maintain 'working relations' with the main competitor of the latter – Ihor Plotnytskyy. Ismayilov manages to successfully manouevre between those two decision-making centres of the 'LPR' since November 2014, when was started performing the duties of the 'prosecutor general of the republic'.
In spite of his obvious Caucasian origin (his father was from the Azerbaijan city of Mingechaur), the 39-year-old Zaur Raufovych was born in Luhansk region, in the town of Krasnyy Luch, and his lived all his life in Luhansk, but for the period of his studies in Kharkiv, at Yaroslav Mudryy National Law Academy. In 2000-2002 Ismayilov started working as a senior assistant to the prosecutor of Zhovtnevyy district of Luhansk right away, and then – as the prosecutor and senior prosecutor of the department of supervision over enforcement of laws by special units and other bodies fighting organized crime and corruption already in the regional-level prosecutor's office, and in 2014 he held the position of the head of the department of state prosecution support in the court of the prosecutor's office in Luhansk region.
The current 'Ismayilov's team' consists of the same traitors as he is. His 'first deputy', a 35-year-old Serhiy Horenko, originates from Luhansk Organized Crime Investigation Division and is ex-head of the department of investigation of crimes related to illegal circulation of drugs of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Luhansk region. By the way, his deceased father, also Serhiy Horenko, was for 12 years in a row the head of the Office of the State Department for Service of Sentences in Luhansk region. And two more 'deputies of the prosecutor general of the LPR' – a 39-year-old Oleksandr Taranskyy and a 35-year-old Hryhoriy Tsevenko – used to be Ismayilov's subordinates at Luhansk regional prosecutor's office.
Serhiy Ivanushkin
'acting first deputy of the head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR,
head of the Ministry of Emergencies of the LPR'
Since November 2014 he has been the head of the 'Ministry of Emergencies and Liquidation of the Consequences of Calamities in the LPR', the 'territorial units' of which in the occupied cities of Luhansk region mainly consist of the fire units 'squeezed' by the rebels. The 'Ministry of Emergencies' of the pseudo-republic has in its subordination also four military mine-rescue teams and local hydrometcentre, and, certainly, notorious 'supervisory and prevention activity' with inspections of 'defense facilities' and the respective 'licensing' , which in the conditions of the terrorist enclave acquires obviously too hypertrophied forms of pathological bribery.
In spite of the seemingly only rescuing function of the 'department', its head plays a key role in the permanent propaganda intimidation of the residents of ORLO with 'blood-wanting ukrops'. It is Ivanushkin who it entrusted with the task of delivering speeches on fake 'shooting conducted by the AFU from 'Uragan' facilities with cassette bombs' in the occupied cities of Luhansk including Luhansk itself, for the sake of making local residents tuned for respective aggressive attitude. That has enabled the 'head of the Ministry of Emergencies of the LPR' to make a certain career both in the 'ruling party', and in the 'government': so far he is Ihor Plotnytskyy's deputy in the separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region' and 'acting first deputy of the head of the Council of Ministers' – a ready, just in case, Plotnytskyy's candidate to replace the 'prime-minister' Serhiy Kozlov.
Still the 52-year-old Ivanushkin in the past had a lot in common with the latter than it seems at the first glance. Almost simultaneously with Kozlov he graduated from the Luhansk Higher Military Aviation College of Navigators, and after completion of his pilot career he was also transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies. Before the Russian aggression of 2014, as the graduate of the Civil Defense Academy of Ukraine in the speciality 'fire safety', this collaborator reached the position of the head of the operational and coordination centre and deputy head of the main administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Luhansk region.
Zinayida Nadyon
head of the supervisory board of PJSC 'Luhansk-Nyva'
The head of the second and the only faction of Ihor Plotnytskyy's separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region' in the 'People's Council of the LPR' – 'Luhansk Economic Union', which so far includes 13 'deputies'. Until recently, she also has held the key position in the 'parliament of the republic' as the 'head of the committee' with a long but very eloquent title: 'for budget and finance, investment and tax policy matter, economy, trade and external contacts, small- and medium-size business development. She has a critical influence on all the remnants of the agrarian and foodstuff industry in the territory of the occupied Luhansk region, the companies of the PJSC 'Luhansk-Nyva' subordinated to her have completely monopolized all the local market of bread, flour and cereals, trade networks in ORLO are forced to buy only their output according to direct orders of the 'administrations of the LPR' of all levels.
The 70-year-old Nadyon has been a permanent head of the Luhansk Bread Products Complex since 1986, on the basis of which soon one of the largest grain processing companies of Ukraine PJSC 'Luhanskmlyn' was launched, which in 2014 was renamed into the above PJSC 'Luhansk-Nyva'. In the pre-war period this distinguished representative of collaborators in Luhansk business elite had many years of successful relations with the actual 'owner' of Luhansk region, leader of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions, head of the regional organization of the PR and former Luhansk governor Oleksandr Yefremov.
Now Nadyon's business interests are not limited to the 'LPR' only, where the output of the Luhansk Bread Products Complex is still sold under the trade mark 'Dobrodiya' and the bread outlets of which in the occupied Luhansk are located every several meters – in former kiosks of 'Soyuzdruk'. TM 'Dobrodiya' has now been re-registered in Kyiv region, thus its output can be found in the markets and in the supermarkets far beyond the ATO area. Still, according to the information provided by 'Dobrodiya Food' Ltd., the company has no legal and business relation with companies located in the ORDLO's territory. Along with that, there was a great scandal when at the beginning of 2017 the journalists revealed that one of the restaurants in the centre of Kyiv de factor belongs to the family of Nadyon's son Oleksiy, who, for some reason, has chosen not the 'capital' Luhansk, but the Ukrainian capital as his place of permanent residence.
Oleksandr Drobot
'acting deputy head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR'
Since 2016 he has been performing the duties of the 'vice prime-minister of the LPR', whose functions are mainly related to the mandate of his direct chief – 'acting first deputy head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR' Serhiy Ivanushkin, who used to be Drobot's subordinate in the regional administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, where before the war Drobot used to be the head in the rank of the colonel of civil defense service.
In 2015 this traitor breaching the oath given to the Ukrainian people was himself the 'first vice prime-minister' of the quasi-republic and even performed the functions of the 'prime-minister' over some period of time after Hennadiy Tsypkalov's resigning. He also headed the 'Centre for LPR's Restoration Administration' where he met Russian 'humanitarian convoys' under the clear control and management of Ihor Plotnytskyy. But in January 2016 the 'head of the LPR' re-organized this 'body' and made it join the 'Ministry of Emergencies' headed by Ivanuskin.
The pre-war career of the now 57-year-old Drobot was fully arranged by the former head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Mykhaylo Bolotskykh, who took him almost from the bottom – from the position of the commander of the training platoon. When in 2003 – 2005 Bolotskykh worked as the main 'rescuer' of Luhansk region, Drobot started supporting him as the head of the department of material and technical provision and building operation, and in March 2013, as already the head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, he contributed to the appointment of his protege as the head of the administration of the 'rescue' department in Luhansk region.
By the way, there is one more interesting detail in the past tandem of Bolotskykh and Drobot: when the latter was the head of Luhansk Regional State Administration over March –May 2014, he introduced the latter to the Headquarters for Social and Political Situation Stabilization in the Region and Ensuring Public Order. It was in that period that the rebels took over all the administrative buildings in the current territory of the 'LPR', all the entrances and exits from which were well-known to Drobot.
Vladyslav Deyneho
'acting head of the People's Council of the LPR'
In absence of its own 'ministry of foreign affairs' in the quasi-state formation, he has actually been the central public face in communication of the 'LPR' with the outer world, since in November 2014 he was appointed by Ihor Plotnytskyy as the 'authorized representative of the republic in the negotiations of the trilateral contact group in Minsk'. Till September, 2017 he has also been the 'vice chairman of the parliament', and he got to that position as the result of fake 'election of 2014' under the list of Plotnytskyy's separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk region'. In fact, he does not play any independent role among Luhansk collaborators, though tries to show his importance in every occasion where possible.
In spite of his own external image of an 'intelligent' with a beard, the 53-year-old Deyneho has not even got higher education: after school he entered the Komunarsk Mining and Metallurgy Institute (Donbas State Technical University in the town of Alchevsk before the occupation), from which he was expelled in his third year of studies. But absence of diploma did not prevent the future 'diplomat' of the 'LPR' from getting employed as the director of the municipal company 'Alchevsk Information Centre' servicing the executive committee of Alchevsk. In 2006 he was elected deputy of Alchevsk Town Council by the list of Nataliya Vitrenko's PSPU, and in 2010 he was elected already from the Party of Regions. In the majority of presidential and parliamentary elections he worked as the system administrator and was spotted of fraud in favour of the PR and candidate Viktor Yanukovych.
In March 2014 Deyneho organized separatist rallies in Alchevsk, participated in takeovers of Luhansk Regional State Administration and the SSU's Office in Luhansk region. For the illegal 'referendum' he was preparing Alchevsk lists of voters and the 'election commission'. In that very May 2014 he personally brought to the legitimate Alchevsk executive committee letter with the ban to hold the election of the president of Ukraine, signed by the 'administration of the LPR', and after that all the documents and computer equipment were stoled from the local district electoral commission No. 110. In August – September 2014 he actively helped the rebels providing their units with fiber optic connection via the Internet-provider, 'Luhanet' company.
Manolis Pilavov
'head of the administration of the city of Luhansk'
Being as of the date of Russian occupation of Luhansk in spring 2014 the first deputy city mayor Serhiy Kravchenko, who quickly fled from ORLO, he undertook all the levers of economic administration of the city. It was according to Pilavov's order that the municipal company 'Operational Linear Motorway Administration' started bringing tires for rebels, concrete blocks and arranging felling of trees in wooded areas. He personally did campaigning and called to be loyal to the 'new authorities' during meetings with Luhansk residents, being accompanied by armed Russian terrorists. As the result, in December 2014 by the 'order' of the leader of the 'LPR' Plotnytskyy he was appointed the 'head of the administration of the city of Luhansk'.
The 53-year-old Pilavov was born in Georgia in the Greek family, and already after the 8th grade he entered Voroshylovgrad Construction Technical College, later he graduated from Luhansk Agricultural Institute in the specialty 'Agricultural Construction'. In the 1990ies he used to be the head of the Housing and Utility Office of Leninskyy and Zhovtnevyy districts of Luhansk, then became the first deputy of Kravchenko in Kamyanobridskyy District Council of the city, and when the latter won the Luhansk mayor election in 2006 due to active support provided by the chief 'regional' of Luhansk region Oleksandr Yefremov, Pilavov automatically took the position of the first vice-mayor, becoming in charge, in particular, settlement of all 'profitable' land issue at the level of the whole city. Tandem Kravchenko – Pilavov by 2014 constituted, in fact, the skeleton of the Party of Regions' power in Luhansk.
So far he is considered to be one of the most dedicated supporters of Plotnytskyy who returns this favour to him. For example, when Pilavov was detained by the Russian special forces due to his fraud with the Russian 'humanitarian aid' for the social sphere of the city, he was released 'from the vault' only after personal interference of the 'head of the LPR'. The 'mayor' is ready to earn even on the things Plotnytskyy loaths. Thus, Pilavov was spotted of stealing of tinned meat brought for the kindergartens of Luhansk, - that product from the 'humanitarian convoys' of the RF was sold in the local markets.
Mykola Zaporozhtsev
head of the 'republican executive committee' of the movement
'Peace for Luhansk Region'
In 2017 he headed the executive committee of the 'ruling party' of Ihor Plotnytskyy – the separatist movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region', which as of August this year includes over 93 thousand members (almost all local budget employees, students and employees of the 'nationalized' companies are already in it). Along with that, he is the 'deputy of the People's Council of the LPR' representing 'Luhansk Economic Union' of Zinayida Nadyon, and is by now officially in this 'parliamentary faction'.
The 68-year-old Zaporozhtsev is an old acquaintance of influential ex-'regionals' Oleksandr Yefremov and Viktor Tykhonov back from the period of their joint work in the local Komsomol and in Luhansk city committee of the KPSS. When in 1998 – 2005 Yefremov took the position of the head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, Zaporozhtsev was a permanent head of the Regional State Administration's staff. In 2006 he became the deputy of the head of Luhansk Regional Council, one more 'guy of Yefremov and Tykhonov' Valeriy Holenko (in March 2014 he read out at the separatist rally in Luhansk the resolution of the Regional Council on 'recognition of the central executive bodies as illegitimate'), and when the representative of the Party of Regions Oleksandr Antipov became the governor at he end of that very year, he went back to the position of the deputy head of Luhansk Regional State Administration on the matters of staff activity, staff policy and coordination of work with law-enforcement bodies.
At the same time up till 2014 he was the deputy of the Regional Council from the PR and the head of Luhansk Charity Fund of Regional Initiative Support 'Blahoviest' (a kind of 'party cash-desk', Yefremov was the head of the trustee board fund, while Tykhonov was its honorary president). Therefore, he may be rightfully called the 'enforcer' of Yefremov's and Tykhonov's interests in the territory of the occupied Luhansk region. Among other things, Zaporozhtsev could be noticed among local collaborators and rebels right from the first days, and already in June 2014 he introduced himself as the 'head of the Public Council of the LPR'.
Volodymyr Dehtyarenko
'head of the People's Council of the LPR'
He headed the 'parliament' of the pseudo-republic on April 1, 2016, when the leader of the 'LPT' Ihor Plotnytskyy managed to remove from the 'spokesman's' chair his internal rival from the collaborators' environment Oleksiy Karyakin who was forced to urgently flee from the territory of ORLO. He finally deprived the 'People's Council of the LPR' of extra discussions and transformed it into the Luhansk counterpart of the 'mad printer' performing any orders of Plotnytskyy's 'administration'.
Before that the 35-year-old Dehtyarenko was an ordinary 'deputy of the parliament' to which he got after the illegal 'election' in November 2014 according to the list of the separatist movement of 'Peace for Luhansk Region'. As the result, he immediately resigned from the position of the 'head of Lutuhyn rayon (he was in that status for a bit more than a month) and handed his 'mandate' over to Lutuhyn citizen of Russia, a well-known hired rebel of 'Zorya' Egor Ruskyy (in 2016 the latter managed to successfully get back with everything he had stolen to the RF an even to participate in the election for the mayor of his native city of Ukhta, the Republic of Komi, though unsuccessfully). At the same time, the 'chairman of the People's Council of the LPR' is one of the two deputies of Plotnytskyy in the local 'ruling party' – the movement 'Peace for Luhansk Region'.
Though officially the 'head of the People's Council' is the second official of the 'LPR' and, under the 'constitution of the republic' he temporarily performs, if anything happens, the duties of the 'head' of that quasi-state formation ,Dehtyarenko is only a nominal actor, hence he tells and does what Plotnytskyy tells him to. The same as with 'first vice-speaker' also representing the 'Peace for Luhansk Region' – Denys Miroshnychenko, who used to be the local Party of Regions functionary before the war. But as far as the past of Dehtyarenko is concerned, his public biography says the following: 'Born in the town of Lutuhyne, Luhansk region, in 1999. Finished Lutuhyn secondary school No. 2, and in 2004 – graduated from Donbas State Technical University (Alchevsk) in the specialty 'commercial and civil construction', and in 2011 – from the same university in the specialty 'economy of enterprise', worked in the industry, business, state authorities. That is, in fact, he was nobody.
Nataliya Tykhonska
'acting deputy head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR'
Since February 2017 he has been performing the duties of the 'vice prime-minister of the LPR', supervising social and humanitarian issues, permanently and in public reporting on how 'good life is' both for the young, and for the old and even for terminally ill people 'in the people's republic'. Humanitarian aid provided to ORLO's libraries in the form of books from Russia is measured by him in tons, while health of Luhansk children – with vouchers for summer propaganda camps, and their education – with the number of school uniforms, which is generally a certain indicator of intellectual and professional qualities of this official-collaborator.
Before she was appointed to the 'Council of Ministers', the 53-year-old Tykhonska was the chief specialist for social issues of the 'Dobrotolyubiye' Fund, located, the same as all the 'authorities' of the quasi-republic, in the premises of Luhansk Regional State Administration taken over in spring 2014 by the rebels. According to official and highly unspecified information, 'the main direction of the Fund's activities is implementation of the charity program 'Salvation Arc', consisting of a set of activities aimed at implementation of a number of target programs designed to meet specific objectives'.And informally everybody in the 'LPR' knows that this fund headed by the 'deputy of the People's Council' Ada Chuzhba is controlled by Plotnytskyy's wife Larysa.
'Dobrotolyubiye' Fund as well as similar entity 'Slovyansk Shchedrist' are actually used by the leader of the 'LPR' to cover laundering of the money received as the result of involvement of his family in large-scale corruptive schemes in the territory of the occupied Luhansk region. And for a picture' propaganda mass media specifically organize aid for the poor, and the very 'humanitarian vice prime-minister' Tykhonska plays the key role there, and as of April 2014 she even was the head of the department of social guarantees and compensations of the department of social protection of residents, Luhansk Regional State Administration.
Oleh Akimov
'head of the Federation of Trade Unions of the LPR'
Being from November 2013 to March 2014 the head of the Department of Youth and Sports of Luhansk Regional State Administration, he was responsible for recruitment of Luhansk titushkas for their further delivery to the Kyiv 'Anti-Maidan', and when the 'Russian Spring' began, he became one of the key co-organizers of all pro-Russian campaigns in Luhansk. In June 2014 he turned out to be simultaneously the 'deputy head of the Public Council of the LPR' Mykola Zaporozhtsev and the 'head of the newly established 'Federation of Trade Unions of the LPR'. So far he also is the 'deputy of the parliament' representing Zinayida Nadon's 'Luhansk Economic Union, and at the fake 'election' of 2014 he was on top of the list of this separatist organization.
All the conscious life of the 36-year-old Akimov has been closely related to the Luhansk centre of the Party of Regions and personally with its former leader Oleksandr Yefremov. For many years he headed the youth wing of local 'regionals' – regional organization of 'Young Regions', in 2006 and 2010 he was elected deputy of Luhansk Regional Council from the PR, was the director of the municipal institution 'Luhansk Regional Centre 'Sports for Everyone' for a long period, and there he was particularly distinguished for fraud with tender procurement and misappropriation of money designated for construction of playgrounds for children.
Akimov's assistant for many years in the 'white and blue Komsomol' and Sports for Everyone' is one more relatively young collaborator, the 29-year-old Denys Myroshnychenko, who is currently the 'deputy head of the People's Council of the LPR'. Once he actively assisted Akimov in organizing 'anti-fascist rallies and various campaigns 'to support the Russian language and unique culture of Luhansk' as the director the Luhansk Regional Centre of Children's Movement 'Luhari'. Now Miroshnychenko heads the 'Patriotic Union 'Bulat', which deals with recruitment, military training and ideological preparation of young people and students in the occupied territory of Luhansk region.
Ioannykiy (Ivan Kobzev)
metropolitan (retired) of Luhansk and Alchevsk, UOC (MP)
Being the bishop of Donetsk and Luhansk of the Russian Orthodox Church since 1990, and since 1991 – the bishop of Luhansk and Starobilsk, he has long successful relations with local nomenclature, including Oleksandr Yefremov and Viktor Tykhonov, back from the period of their Komsomol and Communist Party youth. Now he is actively used by the Russian propaganda as the spiritual leader of Luhansk collaborators, though back in 2012 he officially retired, when the rector of Saint Nicholas and Transfiguration Cathedral of Luhansk was appointed. And the 79-year-old archbishop seems to be only happy with such use, since Ioannykiv (Kobzev) himself blessed Ihor Plotnytskyy during the ceremony of 'inauguration of the head of the LPR' that took place on November 4, 2014 in the column hall of Luhansk Regional Council taken over by the rebels.
At the then 'inauguration' ceremony not the honorary but the real rector of Saint Nicholas and Transfiguration Cathedral of Luhansk Bohdan Fedkiv, known for his open separatist propaganda and prayers for the 'rebels' was present along with him. And in 2015 he received the fake medal 'For faith and Freedom' from Plotnytskyy along with ten priests of Luhansk eparch of the UOC of Moscow Patriarchate most dedicated to the occupants. Among other things, those 'awarded' included the closest Ionnykiy's pupils as honorary rector of the oldest Luhansk cathedral of Peter and Paul Vasyl Somyk (for many years he occupied the position of the secretary of Luhansk eparchy) and the rector of the central eparchy, after it was built in 1995-2006, Saint Volodymyr cathedral Volodymyr Kononchuk (he also remains the rector of Luhansk Theological University).
As far as acting metropolitan of Luhansk and Alchevsk Mytrofan (Mykhaylov Yurchuk) is concerned, this former manager of the affairs of the UOC (MP) and ex head of its Department of External Church Relations keeps on regularly having his messes in the occupied Luhansk, personally dealt with the establishment of the 'committee on the matters of religion and spiritual life in the LPR' and many times during the war he told about the need 'for Kyiv to hear the voice of the people of Donbas', and to accept the 'results' of the fake separatist 'referendum' of 2014 in ORDLO. By the way, in the period free of concerns about the 'people of the South East', metropolitan Mytrofan has concerns over preparation for the dialogue of the UOC (MP) with the UOC of Kyiv Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church headed by the respective Synodal Commission.
Pavlo Malhin
'acting minister of fuel, energy and coal industry of the LPR'
He took the vacancy of the 'coal minister' in April 2016, when Ihor Plotnytskyy was forced to officially dismiss from this 'position' his closest colleague in the smuggling coal schemes Dmytro Lyamin, who had been under the arrest of the 'MCS of the DPR' for already half a year. Malhin is still holding the status of 'acting', but in fact he was just a cover figure in the deep conflict of interests focused on the resources of the coal industry in the territory of the occupied Luhansk region, which is still there, between several groups of influence in the collaborator environment (fir of all, in the line of behind-the-scene opposition of the 'head of the LPR' Plotnytskyy – the 'head of the MCS of the LPR' Pasychnyk).
Besides that, there has recently been traced active interference into the process directly from the outside from Russia – it became more intensive as the result of the March-2017 'nationalization' of the most liquid Luhansk region mining companies from Rynat Akhmetov — PJSC 'Krasnodonvuhillya', 'DTPC Rovenkyantratsyt' Ltd. and 'DTPC Sverdlovantratsyt' Ltd.. No0w the mines of those mining unions 'de jure' (according to 'orders' of Plotnytskyy and the 'Council of Ministers of the LPR') are managed by the CJSC 'Vnieshtorgservis', registered in the self-proclaimed 'republic' of South Ossetia. While de factor this firm and its head Volodymyr Pashkov are guided by the group of old 'KGB guys' from among Vladimir Putin's surroundings – the president of the state company 'Rosneft' Igor Sechin and CEO of the state corporation 'Rostekh' Sergey Chemezov.
Before the war the 49-year-old Malhin had little to do with coal industry, and he majored exclusively in the issues of occupational security in mines and liquidation of the consequences of mine catastrophes. He worked in the system of the Ukrainian Emergency Ministry for several years: first he was the commander of the 7th mine rescue brigade in Lysychansk, and then took the same position in the 8th mine rescue brigade unit in his native Krasnodon, and in spring 2014 he got the rank of the lieutenant colonel of civil defense. By his pre-war activity this traitor who broke the oath given to the Ukrainian people was acquainted with such Luhansk collaborators as 'vice prime-minister' Oleksandr Drobot (ex head of the main administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Luhansk region), 'first vice prime-minister' Serhiy Ivanushkin (former deputy head of the regional administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine) and 'prime-minister of the LPR' Serhiy Kozlov (ex head of Krasnodon District Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine).
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